You may complete our Bronze, Silver & Gold Level training via distance-learning packages without the need to attend any classroom sessions. Typical times to complete would be 4 hours for Bronze, 7 hours for Silver and 14 hours for Gold. Each of the packages comprises a workbook which you study and exercises to complete.

To obtain the distance learning training materials you must first register. You will then receive an email from us which will give instructions so that you may download the workbooks.
Register now for access to the distance-learning packages by clicking here.

You will need to watch the Introduction to Psychometrics video in order to complete the courses.

You may watch the video which takes 16 minutes by clicking on the 'play' button to the right.

If you have a slow Internet connection you may prefer to download the video to watch later. To do this you should right click here and then select 'Save target as' and select a folder to which it will download. Please note that the file is 601Mb in size and may take some time to download.

Please note that there are no charges associated with this process.
Assuming satisfactory completion of each of the workbooks we will send you an appropriate certificate confirming your qualification and you will then be able to use the appropriate psychometric materials. These are described in our Questionnaire Guide which you can download from the following link. Questionnaire Guide 241kb