Selby & Mills have pioneered many innovations in the use of assessment over the last 20 years. In the process of this work, our clients have raised many questions which have caused us pause for thought and consideration. Some of them are basic  and abiding and the series of video tutorials we are preparing are designed to address and respond to the most frequent of these questions. We hope you find them interesting and thought-provoking. Please contact us if there is a question you would like answered (we promise to reply) or a topic you would like addressed in a video tutorial.

Just click on a tutorial name and enjoy

Each one takes around 6 to 8 minutes.

Please contact us with any coments or queries.

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The use of Psychometric Assessment has never been easier. Online technology provides the highest quality information with instant reporting. All the questionnaires can now be work-related and the reports can relate the individual directly to your work competency requirements.

They are now cost-effective for organisations who only have occasional requirements.

For those with regular requirements our free distance learning materials enable you to obtain certification and become operational as quickely as required. If you have more infrequent needs or have a particular one-off or senior position requirement then our Tailored service may be of interest.